Paul Santiago is a singer, songwriter,from Brooklyn, New York. His music has collectively earned over 70,000 streams on Spotify, and has been featured by Spotify’s New Music
Friday playlist,BBC Radio, Wave Music, Airwave
Music and Fm NewYork LiNe.

Both a classically trained pianist and self taught urban artist, Paul’s passion lies in creating urban funk pop and house music that resonates with his listeners from

all round the world.

His dreamy vocal and piano pop performances have made

his channel a destination in Twitch.tv’s music category.
Through paid channel subscriptions and months of generous donations from listeners around the world,

Paul was able to fully fund his latest
singles “Please,” “No Eyes,” and his entire debut EP Album ”Dont panic its just noise”.

He has collaborAted music with artists such as: John Legend,
Sean Lennon, Alfredo de la Fe and many more

Bookings: impaulsantiago@gmail.com